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Vin Diesel Shows His Sensitive Side in, Um, a Selena Gomez Duet

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Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Being a news writer in 2017 can be challenging because, to put it mildly, things that aren't meant to be happening keep happening. The latest in a chain of events that makes me feel like I am in a new version of The Truman Show and people are just throwing this shit at me to see how I react is this: Vin Diesel, action movie hunk and, lest we forget, star of The Pacifier, has made his pop music debut.


The track is a reworked version of "It Ain't Me," Selena Gomez's recent collaboration with Norwegian super-producer Kygo. The folksy lil number features Diesel hammering away about sixteen octaves lower than Selena (it sounds a bit like a father and daughter doing karaoke I'm just putting it out there) against a track that I would describe as the aural equivalent of putting EDM and folk in a blender.

From his social media activity, it would appear that Vin Diesel is extremely pumped that he's a pop star now. He Instagrammed himself with Kygo "in the booth" (because that's what you say when you're a pops tar! Brilliant!), thanking the both the producer and Gomez. He wrote:

"The new Kygo mix is up on my Facebook page. I stepped out of my comfort zone for this one, haha. Let me know what you think. Thank you @kygomusic for producing this 2017 HIT! Thank you for believing in me enough to ask me to sing. Thank you @Selenagomez for bringing that beautiful and magical voice. Pained and celebratory simultaneously. I followed your lead when I went into the booth… #kygoselenavin #ItAintMe #gratefultomakemagic #believeinyou"

I too am #grateful that this #magic has been #made. Hear the song below, and be moved to tears by the beauty of Vin's rumbling baritone:

Lauren is #gratefultomakemagic every day with her excellent tweets on Twitter dot com (Image via Vin Diesel on Facebook)