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This Guy Kept a Big Mac as a Pet for Two Months

A UK man created Twitter and Facebook accounts for his new “pet” Big Mac—which he called Pet Big Mac.
Photo via Twitter.

On November 5, Matt Crook picked up a Big Mac Extra Value meal on his way home from work.

Upon his arrival, he was pleasantly surprised to find that his wife had cooked up some hearty soup and so, no longer bound by his impulsive fast-food choice, he polished off his beverage and chucked the fries in the garbage bin.

But Crook could not bring himself to dispose of the centerpiece of his fast-food meal. When he found the forgotten Big Mac looking up at him in his work bag the following day, he decided to hold on to and befriend the burger—but only after he realized that it had solidified beyond acceptable standards of human consumption.


#PetBigMac got all da monies. — Pet Big Mac (@petbigmac) January 15, 2016

"I opened my bag at work and found the Big Mac there, looking at me," Crook told Metro. "I thought about eating him for lunch but he was already starting to solidify."

Over the come days, weeks, and eventually months, the burger would continue to solidify, as would the bond between man and sandwich. Eventually, Crook created




accounts for his new "pet" Big Mac—which he called Pet Big Mac.

Through social media, he could document the various adventures and misadventures that Pet Big Mac found himself in, like a

potentially fatal showdown with Crook's pomeranian

. Luckily, at that point, the Big Mac wasn't even fit for animal consumption.

"He had a few sniffs and licks, but ultimately even he wasn't tempted," Crook said, adding, "The funny thing about the Big Mac was that he continued to smell like a Big Mac long after he was fit for consumption. So it was always in the back of my mind that he smelled good enough to eat, but the reality was that all of the ingredients had shrunk and gone rock solid."

#PetBigMac is a CD.

— Pet Big Mac (@petbigmac) January 13, 2016

Despite this unlikely bond, there began to be warning signs that it would not last forever. "My biggest concern really was that Big Mac didn't travel well and whenever he went anywhere he'd kind of disintegrate a little bit. I thought about getting him a new box for Christmas but never got round to it."


#PetBigMac got his tinsel on. — Pet Big Mac (@petbigmac) December 21, 2015

And like all great friendships, this one too came to an end. Eventually, after an impressive two months, the Big Mac's structural integrity would finally give way to the hardening which claims far younger foods. Pet Big Mac's bun, and Matt's heart, would split right down the middle.

"I really wasn't sure what to do when I opened my bag and saw that Pet Big Mac's top bun had cracked clean in half," a reportedly distraught Crook told Metro. "I thought about maybe getting him a new bun, but it felt a bit like I was starting to play God. So I just threw him in the bin."

#PetBigMac has died.

— Pet Big Mac (@petbigmac) January 16, 2016

And like that, the saga of Matt and Big Mac was over.