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What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing on Instagram This Week 2/12

No sick days.

So, I had the flu this week. And it was one of those things where I was really angry at everyone and everything because I'm always so anti about the flu vaccine. Like, to the point where I sound like a Scientologist (no dis to all you L Ron Hubbard fans out there) when I talk about it. Then I was knocked all the way on my ass, and I'm like, "Fuck! I should've gotten that flu vaccine." But then again I turn back into this conspiracy theorist and I'm all, "That's what THEY want you to believe! Get a toxic virus injected into your blood that will only mutate in the air and get you sick!" As you can see, I'm still too sick to make any sense. I have enough sense to write this column though. I almost called out sick, but Justin Bieber is back on Instagram, so I have a reason to celebrate. He's my flu shot. Or something. Anyway, stay healthy everyone. And don't get a flu shot! Or get it! Whatever.



This photo makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Maybe it's because of the fact that Puff is wearing the fur and Cassie is wearing the bomber when part of me wants that to be in reverse. Meanwhile, that metal cane screams "hospital" and Puff's beard is like covering most of his neck so it looks like he doesn't have one. And Cassie is crouched on the ground proudly holding his tequila like "Zaddy."

Erykah Badu

This is basically how I sit, only I'm never wearing boots this cool. I do wear a lot of flannel and denim though. Okay I'm trailing off subject.

Alessia Cara

This was me during that random blizzard at the end of this week, following 60 degree weather because climate change isn't real, guys. Alessia looks adorable btw. Did everyone check her Nicki Minaj impersonation?

Young Thug

I have a very relevant story to accompany this photo. So last week I went to Neiman Marcus to pretend to shop and there was a "sales rack" of fur coats. A coat almost EXACTLY LIKE THIS ONE was on the rack and I tried it on. I spun in front of the nearby mirror, attempted to get my friend to take a pic of me in it for the 'Gram, when a salesman came by with that same face as those ladies in Pretty Woman when they were about to toss Julia Roberts from there store for being a hooker. Anyway, I casually say, "I think I may buy this," and I look at the price tag: $32,500. That was the sales price. So anyway, I made the EXACT face Thugger is making in this photo in almost the EXACT fur. The end.


DJ Khaled

Well this is a special outfit. It's bothering me that his sneakers are not the perfect shade of pink to match the suit.


Fab looks like a hipster NYU student who hopped on the wrong train and now he's lost and late for class.

Chris Brown

It's like one moment Breezy is adorably posing in matching jackets with his daughter and another ruining Soulja Boy's existence. Such balance.

Justin Bieber

JUSTIN BIEBER IS BACK ON IG AND I AM SO HAPPY. Posting this photo because he looks like he's auditioning for Odd Future.


Even when Rihanna looks like she has a propeller going through her head, Rihanna still slays.


Sorry, I had to post one more from the Harper's Bazaar photo shoot because OMFG.

Lana Del Rey

And now let's take a little breather and watch Lana Del Rey do her makeup to the tune of the Beatles. Not exactly the most traditional YouTube makeup tutorial, but hey…

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj's entire outfit reminds me that she can wear ANYTHING and look amazing, whereas most of us would try on those shades and look like an extra in Total Recall who was shot within the first twenty minutes of the film.


Tell Desiigner to stop yelling at me.


It's been a while since Drake posted one of those "pensive bearded papi" photos on IG, so it couldn't go unnoticed. What happened to all those gym selfies though, Aubs, HUH?

Selena Gomez

Here for Selena Gomez serving Blue Steel in a dressing room mirror. I do the same thing #guilty.

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