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Adele Stops and Restarts George Michael Tribute at 2017 Grammys

She had to start over and, as is often the case, it was all worth it.

Adele's second performance at the 59th Grammy Awards was a stirring tribute to the late George Michael. She performed "Fast Love" with full strings, decked out in black. The performance seemed in peril early on when, approaching an early crescendo, she stepped back and insisted that the band start again. It seemed for a moment to be a mirror image of last year's much-maligned performance at the same ceremony, but it turned out to be more akin to Patti Smith's breathtaking Bob Dylan tribute at the Nobel Prize ceremony late last year as she went on to draw every ounce of grief and solemn beauty from the track. By the end, she was struggling to fight back tears. See video of her restarting below.


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