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Carl Craig Shares His New Electronic-Classical Album, ‘Versus’

The concept was conceived nearly ten years ago.
Photo by Pierre-Emmanuel Rastoin.

Detroit techno heavyweight Carl Craig today shared his new album, Versus, in which music from his catalog is recreated with the help of an orchestra.

Formally announced last December, the concept was born nearly a decade earlier. Back in 2008, Craig debuted it at La Cité de La Musique, Paris in what was one of the first performances to combine electronic and classical composition. Craig worked with the Les Siècles orchestra, conducted by François-Xavier Roth; German producer and multi-instrumentalist producer Moritz von Oswald; and pianist Francesco Tristano.

Now, with the help of many of those same people, Versus is an eight-track album that presents Craig's music in a new light, such as his 1994 tracks "Sandstorms" and "Desire." In a press release, he called the project his "desire and dream come true."

Ahead of Versus's May 5 release, stream one of its tracks below and head to NPR for the rest.