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Filibustin' with Willie D - The NYPD Can Stop-and-Frisk These Nuts

What more proof do we need that this program is basically institutionalized racial profiling?
June 19, 2012, 4:35pm

Anyone who supports a racist policy like the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk is a ho. Statistical analysis by the New York Civil Liberties Union has uncovered that more than four million innocent New Yorkers have been stopped since it was instituted and the overwhelming majority of these people were black or Latino. Blacks made up 53 percent and Latinos made up 34 percent of the whopping 685,724 people that were stopped just last year—while a meager 9 percent were white. What more proof do we need that this program is basically institutionalized racial profiling? But even though stop-and-frisk disproportionally targets minorities, its clear that people of all races and backgrounds want the policy to end—just look at the thousands of extremely diverse protesters that marched to Mayor Bloomberg’s Upper East Side home on Sunday.


The problem with stop-and-frisk is that it allows for policemen to harass anyone they “suspect” to be up to no good. Cops don’t even have to have probable cause or believe that a crime has been or is about to be committed. They can simply look at you and if they don’t like how you look they can pat you down for no reason at all. And if it’s revealed that you were in fact not carrying drugs or a dangerous weapon, well that’s just too damn bad.

Stop-and-frisk is the kind of thing that makes a reasonable person wonder, “Who the fuck thought a program like this was a good idea?” Did those cocksuckers who drummed up the details ever stop to consider the psychological damage a policy like this would have on communities? If I was living in New York and they were fucking with me for no reason, I would make them earn every dime by having all kinds of illegal shit on me. If they are going to treat me like a criminal, I might as well be one.

Supporters of the law say it’s needed because of its effectiveness in stopping crime. But this is clearly not true, considering New York had virtually the same number of gun-violence victims last year as it did the first year the program was enacted in 2002 with only 92,296 stop-and-frisks conducted. If it’s so effective why not take the show on the road so the whole city can see their tax dollars at work? Don’t just look out for the blacks and Latinos. Take that shit up the street to Tribeca and frisk De Niro or to the Upper East Side where Bloomberg lives and pat down his main squeeze Diana. I wonder what would happen if the people in those communities were getting stopped and hassled everyday even though they did nothing wrong?


I don’t live in New York, but as a black man in America, I can relate to the police—mostly the racist white ones—stretching their authority and targeting black males. They don’t like us, they don’t like our babies, and they hate working in our communities. So they come to the job with a chip on their shoulders. They never speak unless it’s in an authoritative manner and they are always disrespectful. At least the gangsters in my hood would try to protect the shorties. That’s why when I would watch TV growing up, I would always root for the bad guy because no matter how bad the bad guy was, he was a saint compared to the cops I knew.

Considering the climate of racial tensions between NYPD and New Yorkers in black and Latino communities, a repeal of the stop-and-frisk program is disparately needed and guess who has a plan?


End the Stop-and-Frisk
Effective immediately, all officers are no longer permitted to stop-and-frisk citizens.  It is racially motivated, divisive, and perpetuates mistrust between the people and the police who work in their communities.

Police the Police.
We need to hire a combat militant group whose sole purpose is to ride around looking for corrupt cops who prey on innocent citizens. When they see a cop trying to play Billy Badass, they get to stomp him and take his bitch ass to jail for harassment.

Whoop Geraldo Rivera’s Ass
Speaking of the stupid and corrupt, Geraldo Rivera said, “Stop-and-frisk is one of the important reasons New York is among the world’s safest big cities.”  I think he’s been at Fox News sniffing Bill O’Reilly’s funky KKK drawers too long. He must have forgotten that his daddy’s Hispanic blood flows through his veins. It’s good he’s in New York and I’m in Texas, because if I saw him I’d spit right in his traitor-face.

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