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Shining Lights Are Rad

No amount of laundry can wash the stink out of their clothing.

The first time I saw Erase Errata (on a bill with Black Dice three years ago in a basement in New York) I thought they played the darkest, tightest, rawest music I ever heard. If you haven’t heard their danceable pile of drums, bass, guitars, trumpets and voices on the few 7”s they’ve put out, you must have heard it on the recently remastered full length on Troubleman Unlimited. If you’ve missed those, hold out for the follow-up LP (which is coming out this summer), the remix EP (which is just coming out now) and the US and European tours (with Sonic Youth and others) that started an hour ago. I’ve played with them a couple of times, and we’re homies, but it wasn’t until I interviewed Bianca that I found out that I was totally wrong about them being dark. VICE: So do you guys still have those cool tour costumes? Bianca: No, everything’s gone. It all got ruined on our last tour. They were just way too stinky. No amount of laundry can fix it. What’s up with the band with Kim Gordon? Anxious Rats? It’s a hardcore band. We have ten songs. What about the remix record? Who did the remixes? Adult., Kid 606, Kevin Blechdom, and Matmos. I don’t think that any of them sound like our songs, actually. They’re all their own things. It’s super techno-sounding, which I like. Is Erase Errata moving in a more techno direction? No, our new songs are more soulful. Do people ever try to peg you as dark? No, they try to peg us as “all girl/no-wave.” I don’t think we’re dark in any sort of way. I think we’re 100 percent optimism. Oh, I guess I was wrong about that. You’re not a sad, stationary band. No, we’re about moving it. We’re a dance band. Dance is the only label that’s awesome. Bianca, do you feel like the scene in SF is about positivity and optimism? It’s definitely dance and party and good- time-oriented, so I’d have to say “yes,” cuz all those things are positive. And everybody there plays shows together. Yeah, it’s such a small town, and everybody likes to get drunk and party. Everybody loves everything. That’s fucking rad. It is nice. BARR
Erase Errata’s remix EP is out now on Troubleman Unlimited.