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Meet the Christians Who Smoke Weed to Find God

On the next episode of 'Weediquette,' Krishna sits down with the founder of a stoner bible study and meets the people who incorporate marijuana into their religious practices.

As weed legalization continues to spread state-by-state across the country, referring to pot in a religious way is often perceived as an exotic curiosity or just an excuse to get high. But across the country, there are some people who believe the drug is a sacred plant and incorporate it into their religions practices.

On the next episode of Weediquette, Krishna heads to Colorado—where cannabis is legal—to meet Deb Button, the founder of a stoner bible study. The two talk about the relationship between weed, the soul, and spirituality, and discuss the threats and discrimination she's faced from the Christian community.

The season finale of Weediquette airs next Wednesday, October 26, at 9:30 PM on VICELAND.

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