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Recreational Weed Is Now Legal Up and Down the West Coast

California, Nevada, and Massachusetts all voted to legalize recreational marijuana Tuesday, bringing the total number of states with legal weed up to seven.
November 9, 2016, 6:15pm
Photo via Flickr userDank Depot

On Tuesday night, as the American electorate collectively decided that Donald Trump will be the next president, California, Nevada, and Massachusetts voted to legalize recreational marijuana, bringing the total number of states with legal weed up to seven.

The New York Times reports that both Arizona and Maine had marijuana reform on their ballots as well. Arizona voted firmly against the bill, and Maine's decision is still too close to call, though it's leaning toward legalization at press time.

"I think of this victory in California as a major victory," Lauren Mendelsohn of Students for Sensible Drug Policy told the Times. "It shows the whole country that prohibition is not the answer to the marijuana question."

Along with the recreational marijuana decisions, Florida, North Dakota, and Arkansas voted to legalize weed for medical uses, and Montana alleviated some of its existing medical pot restrictions, according to the Washington Post.

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