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The Hosts of 'VICE Does America' Rip Dabs and Talk About the Show's Weed Episode

In advance of tonight's all-new episode of 'VICE Does America,' the show's hosts have a deep conversation about cannabis.
Illustration by Heather Benjamin

This week on Tea Time with T. Kid, I'm sitting down with one of my favorite people at VICE, as well as in the whole world—writer/reporter/producer/host Wilbert L. Cooper. I had the pleasure of road-tripping across America with Wilbert and our friend Martina, which was documented in the VICELAND series VICE Does America, which airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on the VICELAND Network.

On this week's episode of VICE Does America, Will, Martina, and I pass through Denver, my second home, and do dabs of some really nice concentrate. It was business as usual for myself, but it was a brand new experience for my co-hosts. I took a lot of pleasure in guiding them through weed world, and in remembrance of that amazing time, we got super dabbed out for episode three of Tea Time.


On this week's podcast, we're also joined by my dear friend, and national cannabis treasure, Jason Pinsky. He has been an instrumental figure in New York's medical-cannabis reform, and has also been a fixture in the legal-cannabis industry since its birth. He rolled through the Tea Time studio to share some strain knowledge with me and Will.

Fun fact about Wilbert: On top of his many fruitful endeavors at VICE, Will was instrumental in the birth of Weediquette way back in 2012. He published a lament I wrote called I Just Want My Big Bag of Weed Back, and scores of stoners hit me up to tell me they felt my pain. Our friend and colleague Krishna Andavolu was the VICE weekend editor at the time, and asked me to write a similarly styled piece every Sunday for a column, which I did for two years. Thus, the Weediquette franchise was born.

I hope you enjoy this hazy conversation, and be sure to tune in to VICELAND to catch the new episode of VICE Does America, Wednesday at 10 PM. And peep the first episode again below!

Top illustration by Heather Benjamin