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The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Trump says he'd consider racial profiling, the Supreme Court will hear a challenge to gun control laws in two states, Star Trek actors mourn Anton Yelchin, and more.

Everything you need to know about the world this morning, curated by VICE.

US News

Trump Thinks Racial Profiling Is 'Common Sense'
Donald Trump has said the US should consider racial profiling as a security measure in the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando. "I think profiling is something that we're going to have to start thinking about as a country… We have to start using common sense," he said, adding that Israel was using profiling "successfully." —VICE News

About 50,000 Gather for Vigil to Orlando Victims
Around 50,000 people gathered at Lake Eola Park in Orlando on Sunday to mark a week since the Pulse nightclub shooting that left 49 victims dead. "While the whole world is watching, it is our time to show how love will conquer hate," said Barbara Poma, the owner of the club. —Orlando Sentinel


Supreme Court Considers Gun Control Challenge
The Supreme Court may hear a challenge this week by gun rights advocates over a semiautomatic weapons ban in two states—Connecticut and New York. The Supreme Court could decide as soon as Monday whether it will hear a challenge to these bans, which opponents say violate the Second Amendment. —The Wall Street Journal

Wildfire Rages in California for Sixth Consecutive Day
Firefighters are preparing to battle the Sherpa Fire still raging in Santa Barbara County for the sixth consecutive day. California officials said 7,811 acres have now burned. A new wildfire that broke out Sunday forced the evacuation of hundreds of people from Potrero, a small town near the Mexico border. —CBS News

International News

Global Refugee Numbers Reach Record High
The number of people displaced by conflict around the world has reached 65.3 million, an increase of 5 million in the past year. In its annual report for World Refugee Day, the UN Refugee Agency said it marks the first time there have been more than 60 million refugees around the world. —BBC News

Suicide Attack Kills 14 Security Guards in Kabul
A suicide attack on a minibus in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, has killed at least 14 people and injured several others. The attacker waited for the bus as it left a security compound, and all the victims are believed to be foreign security guards from Nepal. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. —Al Jazeera


Five Star Movement Makes Breakthrough in Italy
Virginia Raggi has been elected as Rome's first female mayor in a major victory for the Anti-Establishment Five Star Movement (M5S). The M5S party, founded only seven years ago by comedian Beppe Grillo, also defeated Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's center-left Democratic Party (PD) in Turin. —Reuters

Six Killed at Teacher Protest in Mexico
Six people have been killed in southern Mexico after protesting teachers clashed with police. Members of the CNTE union had been blocking roads in Oaxaca since union leaders were arrested last week. Riot police were reported to have fired on protesters, but the federal government claims that unknown gunmen began firing at both sides. —The Guardian

Anton Yelchin (right) with Charles Mintz-Plasse

Everything Else

Star Trek Actors Mourn Anton Yelchin
The Star Trek cast has paid tribute to Anton Yelchin, 27, the actor who played Chekov, after he was killed in a freak car accident at his home Sunday morning. Zachary Quinto described Yelchin as "generous of heart," while John Cho said his friend was "curious, beautiful, courageous." —USA Today

Cavaliers Win NBA Finals with Historic Comeback
The Cleveland Cavaliers completed the biggest comeback in NBA Finals history as the team won its first ever NBA title, beating the Golden State Warriors 93–89. It is the first time any team has won after falling behind 3–1 in a finals series. —CNN

Cops Teargas LGBTQ rally in Istanbul
Turkish riot police used rubber bullets and teargas to break up a gathering of about 50 people celebrating trans pride in defiance of a government ban on the event. Next weekend's gay pride march has also been banned. —VICE News

Skygazers Locate US Spy Satellite
It has taken amateur space enthusiasts only a few days to locate the US National Reconnaissance Office's NROL-37 spy satellite after its launch last week. Bloggers charted it in the skies over the Strait of Malacca, near Malaysia. —Motherboard

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