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Pharma Bro Martin Shrkeli's Latest Venture Is Magic Cards

The infamous price-gauger has serious mana burn, apparently.
Photo by Bobby Viteri

Pharma bro Martin Shkreli is back at it again. But this time, instead of buying up AIDS pills to price-gouge or Wu-Tang albums to keep on his floor, he's apparently set his sights on collecting some really rare trading cards from Magic: The Gathering, Kotaku reports.

Shkreli posted on Reddit Thursday asking the Magic community if anyone knew where he could buy the game's rare, "reserve list" cards—cards that Magic's publisher, Wizards of the Coast, has stopped printing.


"I'm looking to acquire some rare cards," Shkreli wrote in a post titled "Advice for a new and wealthy player."

"Can someone give me some resources on collecting rare cards? Specifically I've been told Black Lotus cards are very valuable," he continued. Apparently the guy's got some serious mana burn.

Shkreli later wrote that he's still an amateur at Magic, but that it'll be his game "soon." Unfortunately, when VICE staff writer Mike Pearl hit up Shkreli on Twitter Thursday afternoon to see if they could play together, Shkreli denied the request, blocked Pearl, and called him a "trash bag."

Maybe Shkreli's just waiting until he beefs up his deck with some rare cards before he starts playing more competitively.

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