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The VICE Gaming Podcast, Episode Six: Our Favourite Games of 2016 So Far

Steve Burns and Kate Gray join us to discuss Uncharted 4, Firewatch, Hitman and more great games from the year so far, plus a little of what's yet to come.

Illustration by Stephen Maurice Graham

Episode six of the VICE Gaming Podcast is a solid 48 minutes of pure video game gossip and guffawing gold. Joining VICE Gaming editor Mike Diver in VICE's London office, slouching on some fine leather couches, supping sparkling pop, are deputy ed Steve Burns and games writer/presenter Kate Gray. You can tell them apart because of their voices. Up for discussion: the best releases of 2016 so far, and there have been quite a few, plus titles of the near future that we're really rather excited about. They might not be the ones you're expecting, either.


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A word of warning: this podcast does contain some naughty words. Like "fuck", for example. There are a few "fuck"s in the mix. We'd bleep them out, but this is the internet, and it's still basically the Wild West here albeit with more 404s than 501s. So if you're playing it out loud, around minors, just be aware of that. We don't need any more letters, thanks.

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