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Your Monday News of Zealand: Teen Thrown Off Bike By Police, and Kim Dotcom in Court, Again

Plus, homelessness affects more families with children than anyone else, a Czech tramper's ordeal and the All Blacks win big, and cop heat.
August 29, 2016, 12:00am

The cop captured pushing Matthew Lamar from his bike in a screen grab from the video. Image via Cee La Tonga Taumoefolau's Facebook page.

Video Shows Police Officer Shoving Teenager Off Bicycle

Matthew Lamar was cycling back from a music battle in south Auckland—where he and some mates blast music through sirens rigged up to their bikes—when two police officers stopped him. What happened next, captured on video, a police officer appears to shove 13-year-old Lamar off his bike and onto the ground. "Then he picked me up and threw me against the fence and cuffed me," Lamar told Stuff. Lamar was uninjured and released a short time later. A police spokesperson said police were looking into the incident.

More Than Half of New Zealand's Homeless Are Families With Children

New Zealand's grim statistics on homelessness continue to alarm with new analysis revealing that 53 percent of homeless people are families with children. The data—taken from the 2013 Census—shows there were at least 41,000 New Zealanders, or one in 100, in "severe housing deprivation." Of these, 21,797 were children and their parents, a dramatic increase on the 15,085 in the previous 2006 Census. Labour housing spokesperson Phil Twyford is calling for the government to declare a state of emergency over housing, saying it was a "social crisis" that needed urgent action. The average house price in Auckland is tipped to pass $1 million this week.

The warden's hut on the Routeburn Track where Pavlina Pizova found shelter. Image via NZ Police.

Grieving Czech Tramper Who Endured a Month Alone in the Mountains to Return Home

Pavlina Pizova survived a nightmare month, snowbound and alone, in a remote hut on the Routeburn Track after her companion fell down a mountainside and died. The Czech tramper spent two days in the bitter winter conditions, before making her way to the warden's hut on the alpine track near Lake McKenzie. It was weeks before a Facebook message alerted the Czech embassy to the fact that the trampers were missing and a rescue operation was finally launched. Honorary Czech consul Vlad'ka Kennett has been taking care of Pizova since her rescue. Kennett told RNZ Pizova was resting and would fly home next week. Pizova is planning to donate money to the Department of Conservation and Land Search and Rescue.

Kim Dotcom. Image via

Kim Dotcom's Extradition Appeal Finally Hits Court

The day Kim Dotcom has spent four years fighting has finally arrived. The internet entrepreneur will appear in Auckland's High Court today, appealing his extradition to the United States to face charges of money-laundering and copyright breaches. Dotcom was arrested during an early morning raid at his mansion north of Auckland in January 2012. Since then Dotcom has released a music album and launched a political party. Never one to shy from the spotlight, Dotcom asked the judge to allow the trial to be streamed live online saying he wants the public to be able to see his lawyers "smash" the US case. The appeal is expected to last six weeks.

Australia Hits Back Against the All Blacks Bledisloe Cup Victory With Claims of Foul Play

The results of the two-game series were decisive with the All Blacks giving the Wallabies a 42-8 pounding last weekend in Sydney, and hammering the nail in the coffin with a 29-9 victory in Wellington on Saturday night to retain the Bledisloe Cup. But which team gets to claim the higher ground of good sportsmanship is in contention with All Blacks prop Owen Franks being accused of eye-gouging Australian lock Kane Douglas in the court of social media opinion. Franks was not officially cited for the incident.

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