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The Internet's Syd Has Dropped a Solo Track Called “Amazing,” and It Sure Is

Get a load of this beautiful song about a terrible disease that goes by the name of "feelings".
Emma Garland
London, GB
August 19, 2016, 10:00am

It's not really fair, is it, that when you finally meet someone you truly like in this world full of garbage humans and people who Instagram their new purchases, you begin to act like an absolute maniac. The sheer, overwhelming force of finding someone you don't want to punch immediately in the face whenever they clear their throat, makes you say and do insufferable things, like WhatsApping them every single .gif you come across that's borderline amusing, or showing up at their house at 3am to tell them you like their freckles. Fortunately, this terrible disease called "feelings" is quite common, and Syd [formerly tha Kyd] has taken a step away from her work with The Internet to bring us a solo song all about it. It's called "Amazing", and it sure is.


Produced by Dornik, the track oozes with a neo-soul sweetness that's familiar to The Internet, and Syd's vocals are pushed confidently up in the mix as she waxes lyrical about the crazy behaviour that can only come from being horrendously in love. "Never was the jealous type, I guess you made me," she sings, to a universal silent nod of agreement. Listen below.

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