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Watch Tatum O'Neal Dance with an Alien Rosa Parks in iRAWniQ's New Music Video

We weren’t sure what happened in the music video for iRAWniQ’s "ALIENPU$," so we asked Oscar winner and former child star Tatum O'Neal to explain what the heck was going on.

Everything filmmaker JB Ghuman Jr. creates looks beautiful. His cult film Spork made a dance-off look like a queer Bollywood film, and his music video for Double Duchess's “Good Girl Freakout” transformed Kelly Osbourne into a character from a 21st century Jem and the Holograms. When he emailed us asking if we wanted to premiere “ALIENPU$,” iRAWniQ’s new music video he directed, we were like, “Hell yeah.” The stunning music video stars Tatum O’Neal—the camp icon and youngest Academy Award winner ever—and features an alien Rosa Parks. We weren't sure what actually happened in the music video, so we asked Tatum to explain what the heck was going on.



Hearing Rosa Parks speak is so powerful. Honestly, I could listen to her retell her moment on the bus every day. So calm and collected. Unafraid.

I think that gold symbol flashing on her neck is the gold disk Carl Sagan flew out into space. It gave a map of how to find Earth in case the gold disk found life in deep space. Also, iRAWniQ is an alien now on Earth in the form of Rosa Parks.

This cartoon book cover, I believe, is the same as the Teddy Ruxpin lullaby book cover, so this is like a grown-up lullaby adventure, but it's JB on the cover. So cool. I love this.

Oh. Now she's crying milk on the bus, which is good if she wants cereal. (Kidding!) It's actually beautiful seeing mixed-animation medium again. She's letting the tear drip down her face… into the air. She's driving to a better place in the car. Gosh, iRAWniQ is beautiful: strong in her big, muscle car and unafraid on the bus. Now for this thing about the Earth, JB tells me it has something to do with the planet growing in size and how, if you shrunk Earth, all the continents would fit back together on both sides. It sounds strange, but apparently there's some science behind it. It's referred to as the "Expanding Earth Theory." I'll let JB deal with that, or just google it.


Look at all this grass!

I hope she's not barefoot in that. JB, is she barefoot in that grass? I'd have demanded shoes. OK. Lots of green. Chapter is called "Hallow Earth." JB is now saying something about a theory of the North Pole being some entrance to the center of Earth. Gosh, this video is weird. iRAWniQ has the deepest eyes.


Oh, there I am… in that dress. Why am I in that dress? That's what I don't get. First time I'm ever seeing myself in a music video. Feels fun though. Very different.

Rosa Parks alien is off the bus, wandering the planet now. Now I'm fanning iRAWniQ's mind. I'm supposed to be some sort of spirit guide or something—like I'm the force that pushes her to evolve her spirit. "A storm is coming," it says. Well, I'd better take that dress off then!


More green. Lots of green in this video. Love Cringer the green tiger from He-Man. JB is saying Dave Woodman, who did all the animation in the video, animated He-Man. Oh, I get it. How fun! Wait. JB is yelling at me saying to add he also drew stuff for The Little Mermaid. Well, that's fun. Moving on.

OK, so she's preparing. I guess these EMERALD TABLETS give readers all universal knowledge if they have the right DNA. Again, I'll let JB deal with this.

She's reading, mediating, and getting ready for the storm. I remember filming this. iRAWniQ is an amazing dancer. Free and so fluid.

There I am. Love my MARCO MARCO tights! OK, so she remembers. I guess the EMERALD TABLETS worked. All the ancient knowledge of where the humans species comes from is revealed.


Here's some grid-like cage. I really love JB's shots. She reaches out. JB says in the center of our galaxy is a giant black hole that emits photons that our planet passes through every 11,000 years. Each time we do, our species' DNA supposedly evolves faster as we move through it. Again, I'll let JB describe what the heck that all means, but it looks cool from here. I'm in a gorgeous fur coat now with this beautiful siren girl next to me holding what JB calls his "Slick Rick Teddy Ruxpin."  We're getting ready to wake up iRAWniQ.


We see the think graphic JB always uses. That kid is obsessed with the word think. It's basically in all his videos.

Space helmet… She just wants to fuck. Well, that's good. Space helmet with an afro stuffed inside. I LOVE THIS VIDEO!

iRAWniQ is gorgeous. Her voice is so attached to her stomach. Oh, wait—it's out of sync. Still out of sync. And bam—we're in sync with iRAWniQ. I think here she takes our hand and pulls us with her into some DNA-upgrade dance. This is tripping me out. Here we go. CARTOON EYES!!! iRAWniQ is now using her imagination to see vs. only think. Gosh! Her and JB are weird, but I get it. It's really out there.

Hidden Chapter: PASTEL PUSSY

My goodness! This is moving fast. I'm upside down now holding that Slick Rick Teddy Ruxpin. (I hope Teddy heals fast!) There's lots of wind.

Nature. Maybe she's not an alien. She seems to be a part of the Earth or something. She's naked now. Sheesh, she's stunning! She's free in the flesh and ready to face this world. She wants to spread her DNA and wants to fuck. Go for it, iRAWniQ.

Everything is pastel now. Oh, I'm crying cartoon tears now as well. JB had to ask me about five times to say the "I just want to fuck" line till I did it on set. Lol. Only for JB. My eyes are like amber. So cool. We see iRAWniQ in Stevie Boi's shades. There's a man breakdancing in the shades. (It's actually JB.)

Now iRAWniQ goes GOLD. I guess her DNA was finally upgraded. I feel dizzy just from watching all of this.



She made it. We see her walk in the grass. She IS barefoot in that grass, JB! She's walking back to her space suit. We see Rosa "Alien" Parks staring at the sun. JB is saying that a race of humans can get nutrients by looking into the sun. iRAWniQ stares, remembering where she comes from. She's not an alien at all, I guess. She's part of this Earth from its hollow center, I guess. She turns to us and then decides it's time to return home.

These shots are beautiful to me—so delicate the way she connects to the camera. Like I said, I love it when JB and iRAWniQ connect. I love this shot of the seed sprouting and showing us the tears on it, like, as if to evolve and grow, we must let go, cry, or release.

I take it the cartoon tears connect to this shot? (JB nods.) I knew it! That's pretty. We see her press her womb to the camera letting us into the center of her world. iRAWniQ's name comes up.

BOOM. We're done. I hear the Zelda game music now.

Wow. What a bizarre and thrilling ride! This video points out many aspects of the galaxy that I've never known about. JB does it all with a whimsy that keeps it away from jacuzzis and popping champagne. It's all about beauty, cartoons, and light. I saw JB and iRAWniQ's first video together. They have a really beautiful symmetry when they work together. I've become friends with iRAWniQ as well. She has a very tough exterior in the world; JB has a very soft perspective of the world. Seeing them together is a real treat. I love being a part of it and am actually in JB's next film, so it was wonderful to get to connect with him on set and experience this with iRAWniQ's unique music and energy.

Peace, love, and future videos for me… and JB.

Mostly movies though. (Laughs.)