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You Can Now Buy Pauline Hanson Toilet Paper

We asked Drew Abrahamson about his political art and the death threats it's been inciting.
Project WIPEOUT Pauline's toilet paper at work

Pauline Hanson is back in the Senate, as well as on the front page of every major newspaper in the country. She's even got airtime on the nation's highest rated morning show, Sunrise.

But while everybody was bogged down debating whether or not we should be taking Hanson seriously, Adelaide artist Drew Abrahamson was tackling a more important question: Should Pauline Hanson's face be printed onto toilet paper?


Of course, Drew realised the answer was yes. He's launched a campaign, Project WIPEOUT Pauline, celebrating multicultural, diversity, and pretty much everything Pauline Hanson is against.

VICE called up Abrahamson to ask about his toilet paper campaign, the "hilarious" death threats he's been receiving, and whether you should be worried about One Nation's politics.

VICE: Hey Drew, what made you want to print Pauline Hanson's face onto toilet paper?
Drew Abrahamson: I'd always known about Pauline, but after years of making some good friends from Islamic backgrounds and multicultural backgrounds I saw her words influencing them. I feel bad to see them be oppressed, it angered me a bit. I know it's probably frowned upon to be fighting hate with hate, but I feel like it's a good angle to make youths who don't usually care or know about politics pay a bit of attention. Even if it's small.

So humour was your weapon?
Definitely, I think it's a good angle to come at. It appeals to a younger age bracket and a demographic that needs to take more action in this area.

How did you print faces onto toilet paper?
I screen printed her face onto the first twenty or so sheets of toilet paper on the roll, and the rest of the roll is a reward for donations of $10 or more. It's just a bit of an incentive to get people to donate, and all proceeds go to local organisations that help out asylum seekers integrate into Australia.


How do people get themselves a roll of this Pauline Hanson toilet paper?
Go to Project WIPEOUT Pauline. I'll post a roll of Pauline toilet paper to their door, or there's other options based on different prices and rewards.

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How have your rolls been received by the public?
Well I've got a few death threats for the whole thing, and a lot of abuse. I've copped a whole lot of hate. A whole lot of love, but also a whole lot of hate. There are so many people calling me a "disgrace to Australia" and a "fucking Muslim lover." There are so many telling me to leave Australia for being a "pathetic Muslim lover." I mean it's all hilarious because there's grammatical mistakes and spelling errors within these comments. It's just fuel to the fire, really.

That's such a crazy response to a campaign that's meant to be funny. Do you think we should be taking Pauline Hanson seriously?
Hell no. She's just stuck in her ways and raised in a time when it was different. She was brought up in a racist family, she can't change that. I understand everyone has their own opinions but you can't be forcing this kind of stuff in this day and age when we're such a multicultural society. That's why I love Australia—because it's so diverse. It's crazy that someone wants to fuck that up.

Are you worried she'll fuck it up?
Yeah I am. I feel like she wants to provoke something.

But I guess you can take back some control, like printing her face on toilet paper. Have you felt any personal satisfaction wiping your butt with her face?
Yeah, it's a little freaky at the same time though. She's one scary-looking woman. But it is definitely nice.

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