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Canadian Police Department Apologizes to Nickelback, Reaches Peak Canada

Kensington Police had joked about punishing drunk-drivers with tracks from 'Silver Side Up'.

In what may amount to the most Canadian event in modern Canadian history, a police department that threatened drunk-drivers with a Nickelback CD has now apologized to the band.

Here's the actual genuine very real post from the Kensington Police Department:

Vulture reports that the department was nudged into the apology after Nickelback's representatives politely asked for the original post to be removed.

This is a damned shame because, though Constable Hartlen seems to be genuinely, Canadianly contrite, Nickelback remain awful. Threatening drunk drivers with the band's 2001 album Silver Side Up was a very funny way of underlining the seriousness of drunk driving, which is an extremely fucking stupid crime to commit.

Eventually, however, we must accept that police in Kensington are, like the rest of Canada, wonderfully, charmingly Canadian; an apology was the only possible outcome here.

If anyone wants to start a petition to make that post-it note an alternate Canadian flag, I (a Brit and thus a fellow subject of the Queen) will absolutely sign it.

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