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Uber Drivers Are Using Zombie Profile Pictures to Rack Up Cancelation Fees

As if getting into an unfamiliar car with a complete stranger isn't scary enough.
September 22, 2016, 9:40pm

Uber drivers in China are scamming riders into paying cancelation fees by using terrifying zombie profile photos, the Guardian reports.

All the so-called ghost drivers have to do is upload a scary-ass profile photo in the hopes that riders cancel the trip when they see who's coming to pick them up. When the rider cancels, the driver gets a small cancelation fee.

If the rider decides to wait for the undead driver, drivers can just start the ride on the app without the passenger and cancel it themselves a few minutes later. The canceled trip also lands the rider with a small fee.

Uber says it's aware of the freaky fraud and will reimburse riders if they report a bogus fee. A company spokesperson reached out to Quartz, saying, "We have taken immediate actions and banned these reported individual fraud accounts while continuing to investigate and crack down on any fraudulent behavior to protect rider and driver interests."

While the company frantically tries to catch the ghost drivers with facial recognition checks on their phones, the hoax has given Uber even more of a reason to eliminate human drivers altogether and usher in the robot revolution.

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Photo via Flickr user Warpt Wendy