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Red Fang’s Bloody New Video for “Shadows” Is a Northwestern ‘Predator'

An epic of blood, beer, and heavy ordnance.

Image via YouTube

In tandem with the announcement of their new album Only Ghosts, Portland's beer-obsessed stoner rockers Red Fang have released a new video for the album's first single, "Shadows." It's a comedic reimagination of Predator that's just as violent. It's best not to give away the plot points but long story short, a theft of the band's PBR cooler eventually turns a camping trip in the woods of Oregon into all-out warfare and bloody revenge. The moral here is maybe not to mess with nerds. They're a vindictive sort. Watch the "Shadows" video below.

Phil regrets the lack of CHOPPAS in this video. Follow him on Twitter.