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New York Punks Exotica Deliver Snarled Hardcore on Their Debut Tape

"Passive Victim" may be one the best punk songs of 2016.
October 12, 2016, 12:02am

​New York punks Exotica​ have called their debut tape Musique Exotique #01. While I'm not sure exactly how 'exotic' their blazing hardcore is, I'm glad that #01 hints that there will be more to come. Led by the invective vocals of Lauren Gerig, who sings in English and Spanish, the Brooklyn four-piece bust an urgent and pissed punk that sounds like it's careening through a plate glass window.

Recorded and mixed by Chris Bowman at Stereo Abuse in Brooklyn, the five-track tape includes tracks such as "Perseguida" and  "Passive Victim" that asks, "Are you happy with what you have become?" and "Passive victim, who is to blame?"


Since their first show with Crazy Spirit back in April, the band have built steady momentum that has them playing a spot at Toronto's Not Dead Yet​ this Thursday to help launch the awesome Women in Toronto Punk Calendar. The show will also includes performances by Warthog​ and Sievehead​.

Exotica tapes will be available at the show.

Catch Exotica:
Oct 13 - Toronto at Silver Dollar with Warthog, Mujercitos, Sievehead, Genex, and Siyahkal

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