Obviously You Want to Hear Phil Mitchell off 'Eastenders' Singing SIA's "Cheap Thrills"

"Gotta paint my nails, put my high heels on" has truly never sounded better.
October 6, 2016, 4:02pm

Ask yourself: is there a harder character on British television than Phil Mitchell off of Eastenders? No, there is not. That man has more pleather jackets than all members of Catfish and the Bottlemen combined. He has gotten into more fights than Azealia Banks on Twitter. He punched out his own son, pulled a gun on his brother, and shot the shit out of the inside of a car causing it to crash into the Thames​, for fuck's sake. He is the real life Wolf of Wall Street, if you replaced the financial district with a terraced block.


I would ask you to picture all of that while you are watching actor Steve McFadden, who plays Phil Mitchell, reciting the words to the Sean Paul-assisted SIA hit "Cheap Thrills" on a radio show. Behold, as he delivers such lines as "Gotta paint my nails, put my high heels on" in that voice of his that sounds like a loosely chipped road. Wipe the tears from your eyes, as he goes through the motions like your dad having lost a bet at a family function. Witness the pain in his eyes as the hosts yell "WE LOVE CHEAP PHILLS!" over the top, absolutely ruining his life.

Now try not to hear the song in a cockney accent every time it comes on. I dare you.