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Kim Davis Is Still Dicking Around with Marriage Licenses, in Case You Were Wondering

She's been turning down her friends' requests for same sex licenses and is staring down a few lawsuits, but at least she's got God on her side.
September 22, 2015, 2:38pm

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The world thought Kim Davis's long and arduous crusade was coming to an end after the whole jail thing, but the world thought wrong—the Rowan County Clerk isn't going down that easy, and she's taken to ABC News this week to discuss her ongoing holy mission in an exclusive interview.

Since getting out of the slammer and back on the job, Davis has been issuing modified marriage licenses that don't include her name or title, which is the same kind of shit kids pull when they say "you told me to go to bed you didn't tell me to go to sleep."


A couple has since sued Davis for defying court orders and issuing an invalid marriage license, and on Monday, ACLU attorneys filed a motion to US District Judge David L. Bunning to order her to use Kentucky's standard, unmodified form for issuing marriage licenses.

By going rogue and issuing altered state forms, the ACLU said, Davis is treating members of the LGBT community looking to get married as "second-class citizens."

Davis told ABC that she even refused to issue a same-sex marriage license to her friends, because apparently friendship with mere mortals pales in comparison to her friendship with the Lord. She also agrees with the lawsuits alleging that her new, modified forms are not valid.

"They're not valid in God's eyes, for one," Davis said.

Unfortunately, Davis failed to comment on that new, erotic novella someone just penned about her time in women's lock-up.

Photo via Flickr user Mike Licht