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A Flier Asking Kentucky Drug Dealers to Rat on Other Drug Dealers Actually Lead to an Arrest

It was probably because of that clip-art.

Photo via the Franklin County Sheriff Facebook page

A Kentucky sheriff posted a flier on Facebook with the goal of getting local drug dealers to rat out their competitors, the New York Times reported Thursday.

The flier kindly asks its presumably shady readers how their businesses are going, and whether they might need some police help in widening profit margins. Somehow, despite the ad's genuine tone and charming use of exclamation points, a number of people have reservations about this low-tech tactic, including the rapper Ludacris, who reposted the flier on Instagram.

But at least one purveyor of illicit goods apparently likes to keep up with their county sheriff's Facebook page: In a true triumph for both law enforcement and whatever old-school graphics software they used to make this thing, a tip sent to the phone number advertised on the flier helped sheriff Pat Melton track down a local drug dealer. In addition to arresting the dealer, who has yet to be identified, Franklin County authorities found crack, coke, weed and guns.

Franklin County isn't alone in implementing this kind of scheme. As the Times reported, Georgia and Massachusetts police departments have also used versions of it, albeit with decidedly less rad font choices.