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Photos of People Who Didn't Get into Germany's Most Notorious Nightclub

We tried to figure out what kept these rejects out of Berghain, an iconic techno hub with an infamously strict door policy.

The bouncers drew an 'X' on top of the Berghain stamp on Jenny's wrist, before kicking her out of the club to make sure she didn't try to get back in.

This article originally appeared on VICE Germany.

The doors of Berlin's Berghain guard a mythical land of clubbing from which few have returned. Apart from those turned away at the entrance, that is. For more than a decade, countless rejected partygoers have wondered where they went wrong, so we asked photographers Benedikt Brandhofer and Leif Marcus (collectively known as "ich + du") to help us get answers. They hung around outside Berghain in late March and tried to find a common denominator.


Here are their portraits of people who didn't get into Europe's most exclusive temple of doom:

Elena is pretty sure she had to stay outside because she was laughing too much.

Pierre from Berlin is about to go to sleep and come back after breakfast on Sunday morning to give it another shot.

Jenny was already in, but got kicked out for taking pictures.

Tatjana and Maret believe getting into Berghain is especially hard for Russians like them.

Peter wanted to party at Berghain one last time before heading home to Australia. The bouncers thought he'd had enough.

Morgana's heading to Suicide Circus—another famous Berlin nightclub—instead.

Florian from Berlin has gotten into Berghain many times. He figures today was simply not his lucky night.

Lievwkje wonders why she didn't get in and is determined to try again next time. Being turned away has only stoked her curiosity about Berghain.

Marieke came here with Lievwkje and wants to party at Suicide Circus now.

Carson and Nick from Sweden wonder if it was their nationality or their exceptional beauty that sealed their fate as Berghain rejects.

Next time Tomec plans on sticking with his favorite spot, KitKatClub.

Thank you, everyone! Most of our rejects were very relaxed about being told no and moved on to clubs like Watergate and Suicide Circus after having a shot of warm schnapps with our photographers.

All photos by Benedikt Brandhofer + Leif Marcus.