Watch Another 'Blade Runner' Prequel Starring a Replicant Dave Bautista

The short film takes place one year before the events of 'Blade Runner: 2049.'
September 15, 2017, 7:00pm

In August, Blade Runner: 2049 director Denis Villeneuve announced plans to release a trilogy of short prequel films to keep us occupied as we wait for Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and a freaky-looking Jared Leto to hit the big screen this fall.

The first short, 2036: Nexus Dawn, gave us a closer look at Jared Leto's character, Niander Wallace, before he built his replicant empire. The second, which premiered via iTunes Trailers on Thursday, focuses on the life of one of those replicants—a runaway named Sapper played by wrestler-turned-actor Dave Bautista.


2048: Nowhere to Run follows the soft-spoken Sapper through his day-to-day life, which seems to mostly involve reading old books, selling mutant slugs, and trying to avoid fights with futuristic punks sucking on long tubes likely full of futuristic drugs.

Unfortunately, a few of the future junkies start some shit with a young girl that Sapper has befriended, and it doesn't end so well for them.

Presumably, Sapper will eventually cross paths with Ryan Gosling's character, K, in 2049, as K is a Blade Runner searching for the fugitive replicant. Plot details for the film have been few and far between, and the trailers have been simultaneously alluring and pretty devoid of any key information, so it's hard to know exactly what will come to pass between K and Sapper. But from the looks of this short, K should probably try not to piss the guy off—especially when large chains are present.

Like Nexus Dawn, Nowhere to Run was directed by Luke Scott, the son of original Blade Runner director Ridley Scott. Give the whole thing a watch above and try to figure out why a humanoid robot would love Graham Greene so much.

Blade Runner: 2049 will be released in theaters October 6.

Correction 9/20: A previous version of this article incorrectly identified the film's director as Jake Scott, instead of Luke Scott.