In This Game, Your Favorite Web Browsers Are Anime Babes in a Swimsuit Contest

In Space Live - Advent of the Net Idols, Chrome and Safari compete for virtual supremacy.
October 4, 2017, 7:12pm
Image: MangaGamer

If you ever commissioned fan art of an operating system as a blushing anime bride, the makers of the Japanese visual novel series Da Capo have created the perfect game for you. Space Live - Advent of the Net Idols , as the game is called, reimagines the world's most popular web browsers as anime women in bikinis, who are in competition for world domination.

According to developer Circus' description of the game, it's appropriate for 'all ages' and designed with the "Western Market in mind."

In the game's fiction, the year is 2222, and the people of Earth have digitized themselves to live in the virtual world. The new nation states are not defined by geological, theological, or political affiliation, but by web browser preference. These browsers are manifested as anime "idols." There's the lead character AI E from "Macro Space" (representing Internet Explorer), Higitsune (who has "fox" ears and is covered in "fire"), G Chrome from "Goggle Space" (take a guess), and Tsukikage (repping the Japanese browser Lunascape). Every four years, the browsers represent their territories in a competition that determines the dominating world power.

This competition, of course, being a beauty pageant.


Like many Japanese visual novels, Space Live - Advent of the Net Idols is a modern day "nudie cutie," following a cast of anime folks through some sci-fi cheeseball hijinx. This one has mashed the singularity, TV talent competitions, and a sentient Mozilla program all into one. No, it's not a work of criticism of any of those concepts. It is your web browsers in a swimsuit contest.

Like the reality competitions of today, these contestants sing, model, and vie for popularity. A scrolling chat window to the side of the screen displays real-time thoughts from the citizens of 2222. Unlike our world, that chat window isn't just emojis and swastikas zipping by like bumper stickers on the freeway. The people of 2222 just want to see Google Chrome in a bikini. I doubt any of the contestants are asked my most pressing questions, namely: Which one will use the least CPU resources?

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