Luu Breeze's "6 Figures" Is the Kind of Posse Cut You've Never Heard Before

Featuring Amir Obè and Emerson Brooks, it's a moody and wild ride.
September 29, 2017, 3:00pm
Photo courtesy of the artist

Scarberian R&B auteur Luu Breeze prizes atmosphere in his music, and while that approach works for solo, brooding come-ons and boasts, it's relatively untested in the field of the posse cut. Gathering Amir Obè and fellow Torontonian Emerson Brooks, Luu takes that plunge with "6 Figures."

While its characteristically moody Toronto beat would already distinguish it, what's cool is how the song subtly switches its texture between guests and verses, making it feel like a concise, multi-part epic. By the time Luu's hook rolls around again at the end, it feels like we've been on a journey. A journey for a bigger paycheck, yes, but you could argue that's a quest worth embarking on. Listen to "6 Figures" below.