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B.o.B Is Still on That Flat Earth Thing

He started a GoFundMe page to launch satellites into orbit. He's clearly not letting this go.

It seems like forever ago that B.o.B rebranded himself from a family-friendly alt-rapper to Hustle Gang trapper, as that phase of his career has since been overshadowed by his bizarre stint as a flat-earth truther. His dalliance into bugshit insane and misinformed theorizing culminated in being dissed by Neil DeGrasse Tyson's nephew, and that's really all you need to know. With even that eventful chapter in the rearview, it seemed that B.o.B would finally fade into semi-obscurity, until this week.


The video above accompanies a GoFundMe page also entitled "Show BoB the Curve" that seems to have been assembled by B.o.B himself under his real name of Bobby Ray (it's also listed under "Education," which is incredible). Its purpose? To "help support B.o.B purchase and launch multiple satellites into space" so that he can locate the curvature of Earth once and for all. Before you ask why "Airplanes" couldn't have been used, remember that their chemtrails are getting in the way of our perception. Anyways, the goal is $200,000 and so far $90 has been donated. While many of the comments are dismissive, some show support ("….take me with you, I'm searching for it as well!"), which is… good for B.o.B, I guess.

This smells somewhat fishy. Note that the rapper introduces himself as "Flat Earth B.o.B" at the video's beginning, which could be a sign that this is nothing but a self-aware joke. Of course, once a joke involves you receiving actual money, it makes you look like a grifter. We really have no clue what precisely is going on though, so examine the page for yourself here and see if your eyes can deduce the truth. Remember, you can only trust your senses. Everything else is a lie.

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