Julian Casablancas Is "So Not Into" that Whole Ryan Adams Feud

On Matt Wilkinson's Beats 1 show, he talked about their 'beef,' and 00s indie oral history 'Meet Me In The Bathroom.'
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
January 31, 2018, 11:13am

Last year's Meet Me in the Bathroom, Lizzy Goodman's book about the New York rock scene in the early 2000s, made a number of revelations. For those who like their tea serving piping hot, the book told of an apparent feud between The Strokes and Ryan Adams, over Adams' alleged hand in Albert Hammond Jr's heroin addiction. One chapter of the oral history quoted Hammond as saying: "I remember Julian threatening to beat Ryan up if he hung out with me, as a protective thing. He'd heard that Ryan would come and give me heroin, so he was just like, 'If you come to my apartment again with heroin, I'm going to kick your ass.'"


Casablancas, who was also interviewed for the book, is portrayed as a protector of Hammond's at the time—but these days, he seems kind of over it. Speaking to Matt Wilkinson on Beats 1 on Tuesday, Casablancas mentioned Adams, clarifying that, actually, he doesn't really care all that much about their supposed row:

"And also even the Ryan Adams thing, I mean I might have been the one that did it so I don’t know, because you just speak in an interview, but I just feel like I wouldn’t blame him for anything anyone else did. I’m just not into things, throwing people under the bus for any reason or… You know what man, let people enjoy it—I shouldn’t be involved, I don’t care to be honest."

He continued: "I’m sure I’ll run into [Adams]. The whole feud thing—I’m so not into that. You know if you want to say something to someone’s face, that’s different; I just don’t even pay attention to be honest."

Just to clarify: Julian Casablancas does not care. He doesn't pay attention. He's not bothered. He doesn't give a SHIT. OK?

Casablancas also spoke about Meet Me In the Bathroom as a whole, noting that "I think that there was a lot of not insiders, talking as insiders. They didn’t interview my wife who was basically The Strokes co-manager for 10 years. They didn’t even interview her and they interviewed other people—I’m just not super down with the book."

I mean, it is a history of an entire city over an entire decade and not a biography of The Strokes, but sure. Listen to the whole thing below:

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