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Police Recover Hard Drive Stolen From Kendrick Lamar’s Producer’s Car

Reports state that the files owned by Derek “MixedByAli” Ali included $1 million worth of unreleased original music.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB
Lead image via DAMN artwork

If you're reading Noisey, it's likely you have a musician or producer friend. And even if you don't, there's at least a strong chance you'll know the cliche about the studio rat – which is that they're always in the studio, everything revolves around the studio, life is the studio, they bleed and eat studio, studio baby they're in the studio studio studio. Sometimes that's little more than a humblebrag, a word repeatedly used to suggest they're really in a high-tech studio cooking up some gold dust when in fact most of the time is spent looking red-eyed at a laptop in their parent's garage while waiting for some Uber Eats to arrive. Other times however it's the truth, and the person in question is really making song-after-song-after-song.


MixedByAli, the 27-year-old sound engineer for Top Dawg Entertainment, is one of these people. We know this because he has worked prolifically with Kendrick Lamar, another studio head, most notably on the Grammy nominated albums To Pimp A Butterfly and DAMN. We also know this because, as the Daily Breeze reports, someone thieved his collection of unreleased music – a hard drive containing what has been described as enough songs to amount to the tune of $1 million.

It's hard to say how the police have quantified the value of music on MixedByAli's hard drive. E.G: Does he have a million songs, valued at $0.99 each? Could some of the files on there be multiple versions of the same song? Either way, MixedByAli has a lot of unreleased music and though it's not confirmed what artists are on this hard drive it's a good bet that several albums worth of Kendrick Lamar material is on there.

Fans of crime reportage and general criminal activity can head over to the Daily Breeze to get the full lowdown on how MixedByAli's hard-drive was stolen and how it's been returned to him.

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