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Jay Hype's "Days" Is About Relationship Struggles We've All Had

Noisey x SoundCloud Video Singles bring you the Jersey City-based rapper's highly relatable "Days."

Relationships are hard work, and no one knows this better than Jersey City-based Jay Hype, who sings about her relatable romantic struggles in "Days," released as part of the Noisey x SoundCloud video series. The video was directed by Jack Begert, and the concept of it came from Jay herself. "You know I'll be okay, it's just one of them days," she sings in conversation with herself. Everyone has had some of those moments where they've gotten a little booze in their system and said and done things they probably shouldn't have, as Jay laments in the video. But in Jay's situation, there is a dramatic and sinister end. Watch the video above and be sure to check out previous installments in the Noisey x SoundCloud Video Singles series.