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Korean Sportscaster Doesn't Seem to Mind the Blood Flowing Out of His Nose

SpoTV sportscaster Jo Hyun-il's barely flinched when his nosebleed reached well past his mouth, but his cohost definitely noticed.
Jo Hyun-il has a nosebleed on air.
Screen capture via Twitter/@Spotv_sports

This is what you call pure dedication to the game. A Korean sportscaster with SpoTV suffered a pretty brutal nosebleed while on camera, but the man just kept on rolling.

Jo Hyun-il was mid-broadcast about the NBA when something in his nasal passages went awry:

A pretty crazy scene, as Hyun-il recognized something was going wrong at first, but then just kept going with it. The only person to do a real double-take was his co-host, who gave a pretty funny WTF glance off-screen to see if his producers had any solutions for it. The show—and nosebleed—must run on.

h/t Extra Mustard