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Kanye Sounds Like a Bad Date

Pete Davidson finally explains that viral photo of his dinner with Kanye: "He's an order the fucking everything because I can and then we all have one bite, maybe... because fuck you... guy."
Queens, US
Pete Davidson, Kanye West
Pete Davidson: Photo by Ray Tamarra/GC Images , Kanye West: Photo by Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic via Getty Images

In January when Kim Kardashian tweeted a photo of Timothée Chalamet, Kid Cudi, Pete Davidson, and Kanye West at a dinner table, fans of the crew desperately wanted to be a fly on the wall at Nobu Malibu. We may not know the entire scoop, but thanks to Pete Davidson we're one step closer to some intel. During Vanity Fair's Take a Lie Detector Test, Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly take turns interviewing each other while hooked up to a polygraph test. Kelly asks Davidson who picked up the check, and the Saturday Night Live cast member is glad to set the record straight. "I did," he said through a smirk. "I want people to know this." No lies detected.


According to Davidson, the dinner was originally between him and Cudi, but that didn't stop Kanye from ordering the most expensive things on the menu. "Kanye kept ordering the whole entire time," Davidson told Kelly. "I didn't know he was coming and I already put my card down to pay because I thought it was just me and Cudi and then Chalamet showed up and Kanye showed up and I was like, 'Oh fuck.' Then I had to book two more gigs in Ohio." Machine Gun Kelly is asking the burning questions we all want to know when he asks if 'Ye's a dessert guy (because ice cream can't possibly be the only thing that makes him happy ). "He's an order the fucking everything because I can and then we all have one bite, maybe… because fuck you… guy."

Davidson doesn't give us the entire rundown on the night, but he's dropping enough breadcrumbs to conclude that Kanye probably isn't the best date. Not only did he show up to dinner unexpected, but by ordering some of the most expensive things on the menu and barely eating them he committed a cardinal sin. Yeah, all of this checks out.

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