Watch Nardwuar Freak Sheck Wes Out

The master interviewer popped in on the 'Mudboy' rapper during the ASTROWORLD tour.
Queens, US
January 28, 2019, 3:24pm
Sheck Wes, Nardwuar
Screenshot from Nardwuar interview

Securing a Nardwuar interview is a pretty good litmus test for how famous you are. Sheck Wes, who took 2018 by storm with his breakout single "Mo Bamba," has gone from a self-proclaimed "mudboy" to opening Travis Scott's ASTROWORLD tour. Nardwuar pulled up on Sheck at a Vancouver tour stop and proceeded to freak Sheck the fuck out by knowing things about the rapper even the 20-year-old didn't remember. Because Nardwuar always comes bearing gifts, he surprised Sheck with some vintage Sengelese records, an ode to the 100 days he spent in the country when he was 17. The two get into everything from Coo Coo Cal's influence on Milwaukee rap (Sheck lived there briefly, too) to being styled by Erykah Badu for Pyer Moss. The look on Sheck's face is priceless as he wonders how Nardwuar could be so privy to the most intricate details of his life. One thing is for sure: Nardwuar always does his homework.

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