Sorry Wrote a Thumping, Eerie Jealousy Anthem (Including Sax!)

We're premiering "Jealous Guy"—no, not that one—from the South London band today.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

Jealousy is a complicated and weird emotion. It's a combination of anger, desire, feeling threatened, protectiveness, discomfort. It comes without warning. It's not appealing. We're not encouraged to express it. When we were kids, it was probably enough to yank the pigtails of our rivals in the sand pit and be done with it. As adults though, that's not really the vibe. We're supposed to be emotionally healthier than that, or at least give off the illusion of nonchalance.


Sorry – the north London band who we've gone about a lot on Noisey already – have written a song about that exact emotion. Except instead of pretending it's not there, they just embrace it. It's called “Jealous Guy”, and it's not a cover of the famous John Lennon song, although it does play off it. “I don't want to share your pretty heart with anybody else / I'm a selfish guy, it's only you, me and myself,” Asha sings over some downer-pop keys, her voice cracking, gentle, casual. And then the sax (yes) comes in, and the song turns into something part joyful, part discordant, part sad.

The video is absurd. The band are dressed in suits, hats and gloves that are slightly too big, like people who are undercover and up to no good, but overtly so. It was directed by Asha and her friend Flo, with help from bandmate Louis and their friends Jasper and Connie. Filmed on a 16mm camera, it also took only a day to film and edit. “We played on the saxophone idea…” Asha and Louis tell Noisey over email, “I guess like a Madness or Specials video, or like the Blues Brothers – sharply dressed and funny, interesting shots of us about town.”

You can watch the whole thing above.

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