Whatever You Do, Don't Listen to This Kendrick Lamar/"Take On Me" Mashup

"Backseat Freestyle" aligns perfectly with a-ha's 80s earworm, but that doesn't mean that you should play it on repeat or even—God forbid—enjoy it. No, you should avoid it for fear of being cursed.
Kendrick Lamar "Take On Me" mashup
L: Tim Roney/Getty Images
R: Mike Pont/Getty Images

You may think that I'm joking when I tell you to avoid this mashup of Kendrick Lamar's "Backseat Freestyle" and A-Ha's 80s hit "Take on Me." This is all some sort of pathetic joke, you might think. This song is not actually cursed. That headline was just a play on my morbid curiosity.

This is not the case. Twitter user and apparent Duke University underclassman @noah_charlick uploaded the thing to SoundCloud yesterday after a snippet travelled around social media. I am here to tell you that Kendrick's flow lines up perfectly with the Norwegian band's jaunty synth-pop; you should know that the first chorus slows to a perfect half-pace when Kendrick raps, "Goddamn, I got bitches." Be aware that, if you listen to this mashup, you won't be able to hear "Backseat Freestyle" again without hearing a-fucking-ha in the background. For it is cursed.

Don't do it. I'm embedding the Soundcloud link below so that you know what not to click.

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