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The Relationship Between LeBron James and Lance Stephenson is Blossoming

Lance Stephenson used to fuck with LeBron James. Now it seems that LeBron James fucks with Lance Stephenson—but in the good way.
Lance Stephenson blows sensually into LeBron James's ear, and feels good about getting away with it.
Screenshot via YouTube / TSN

If you were to have only one GIF on a deserted island, it certainly should be the Lance Stephenson-LeBron one. You know the one I'm talking about—from Game 5 of the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals, where Lance blows in LeBron's ear just to fuck with him?

Here, let me refresh your memory:

The image would prove useful if you were trapped on a deserted island not only because it takes you back to a happy place—to the nostalgia of 2014—but it's also an important document of human behavior.


All human feelings are contained within this one GIF—it is to emotions as William Eggleston is to colors. It's simply a masterpiece. We go from Lance's pettiness to LeBron's bemusement to Lance's deviousness to LeBron's frustration to Lance's smugness to LeBron's genuine amusement. Not to mention the underpainting of raw sensuality and tenderness. It is pure technicolor.

But more important, the GIF outlines a whole history of Lance Stephenson doing shit just to fuck with LeBron James—their beef, as it were—which is now apparently a long forgotten era. Because now LeBron and Lance have joined forces in beautiful harmony. Add a new emotion to the spectrum: love.


The era of the Stephenson-James Lakers has dawned, and it's a glorious sunrise. In what was only their second win in five games—despite having the best player in the world—Lance connected with LeBron several times, setting him up, and delivering on his own game.

Stephenson had his best performance in a Lakers jersey with 23 points, including two clutch, back-to-back threes with only just minutes left in the game. Then came the assist to LeBron. Lord was there the assist.

Just watch as Stephenson dug-in to help secure a 121-114 victory against the now-formerly-undefeated Denver Nuggets:

OK, fine. So Stephenson fucked up a bit at the beginning—he's nothing if not inconsistent—but that's besides the point. The man is now performing for his King—a man he once treated as a peasant. And LeBron is loving it. He even went so far as to use the man's glorious nickname, "Make 'em Dance Lance." I'm happy to report that the LeBrance relationship is flourishing in their new union.

(Oh, and LeBron posted a 28-point, 11-assist, 11-rebound triple-double, by the way.)

Now, maybe this will be your new favorite GIF when you're trapped on that deserted island: