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Who's Going to Tell Trump He Has Toilet Paper on His Shoe?

The greatest Air Force One debacle since that time we got a peek under his hair helmet.
Drew Schwartz
Brooklyn, US
Screengrab via Beatrice-Elizabeth Peterson/Twitter

It's been painfully clear for almost two years now that the White House is a complete and utter shit show, but on Wednesday, that fact took on new, literal significance:

Yes: On his way back from Minnesota on Thursday, presumably after a quick pre-flight bathroom break, Trump marched onto Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe. Either no one on his team noticed or no one decided to tell him, allowing the guy to make a theatrical, highly presidential wave while, simultaneously, looking incredibly (and, somehow, more than usually) unpresidential.


According to Business Insider, the TP un-stuck itself from his shoe just as he stepped onto the plane, and was apparently scooped up by an aide. But there's no telling how long it would've stayed there otherwise: Who's actually going to tell Trump he's got toilet paper on his shoe? Melania's busy in Africa, and she probably wouldn't even if she were around. Sarah Sanders probably would have just argued about whether or not it actually happened after the fact. You'd think the Secret Service might help Trump out, but he's made their lives pretty difficult. His only real hope would be John Kelly, who might let the president know, only to potentially turn around and call him an idiot once he was out of earshot.

The denizens of Twitter, worn and wearied by a heavy week of soul-crushing Kavanaugh news, welcomed the blunder with open arms and, naturally, had a field day. Amid all the poop jokes— "President Dump," "Piece-Of-Total-Unqualified-Shit (POTUS)"—there were a few more elevated owns. A personal favorite:

Air Force One seems to be a kind of hotspot for Trump's public embarrassments, this whole toilet paper thing topped only, of course, by the Great Bald Spot Reveal of February 2018. Remember when everybody freaked out when Obama accidentally saluted with a coffee cup in his hand? How times have changed.

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