Good Luck Seeing All the Shows on Your List at Melbourne Music Week 2019

The festival turns 10 this year and it's going to be a party.
Blue Black Beats at MMW 2018

This year marks a decade since the Melbourne Council turned a dream to celebrate the city’s music scene into a sprawling annual festival. If you attended one of the first Melbourne Music Weeks, you might remember partying in a maze of glow-in-the-dark cubes that lit up in time to the music. It involved real thoughtfulness and a dedication to experience and every year since the organisers have taken advantage of their rare access to the city by programming performances in some incredibly unlikely and typically off-limits spaces. We’ve seen DJ Hell in St Paul’s Cathedral, Animals Dancing in the long-unused basement rooms of the former Royal Women’s Hospital, and Mojo Juju inside the State Library. This year, they’re going full circle and back to the light-up-in-synch-with-the-music Kubik hub, which this time will be located in the Alexandra Gardens.


The program has just been announced and there’s an enormous blanket of entertainment including returning faves like Sarah Mary Chadwick and Steve Gunn, big international newcomers like German techno legends DAF and heavenly French producer Miss Kittin as well as a series of talks and panels investigating the nuances of the local music scene. The opening night on November 14th will involve free music with over 250 acts playing across 12 music venues around the city. While that’s obviously a lot to take in, make sure you stop by the VICE party happening in the laneway beside Boney, featuring the MAI Sisters and an exciting line up of local legends. You can check out the full program and buy tickets here.