American Voting Systems Were Left Online

Our Kim Zetter broke the news that US voting systems, some in key swing states, are actually online and very hackable. 

Imagine a world where one of our most critical instruments of democracy, voting systems, are connected to the internet where they are potentially vulnerable to hacking.

Well, thanks to the work of Motherboard contributor Kim Zetter, we now know that’s the reality we live in after she broke the story that researchers had found voting systems online, including systems in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Florida—all well known for being key swing states in presidential elections.

But for years election officials have said our voting systems weren’t even on the internet and thus, they said, were unhackable.

CYBER recently caught up with Kim to discuss her scoop and how Russian troll armies might not be the thing threatening American democracy or scaring the intelligence community tasked with protecting it come 2020.