The Best Standing Desk Attaches to Your Window

Working from home doesn’t have to mean sitting on the couch all day.
Photo courtesy of DeskView

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I’ve tested numerous standing desks and desktop risers, some costing thousands of dollars, weighing over a hundred pounds, and requiring multiple people to assemble. DeskView weighs eight pounds, installs instantly, and costs less than $250. Apartment dwellers and those that work from home may struggle with trading square footage for the health benefits that not sitting all day can provide, but with DeskView, they can have it both ways. For office managers, especially in open concept workspaces, DeskView can give workers the best view in the house at a fraction of the cost—perfect for part-time staff or visiting freelancers.

Attached to the window next to my standing desk at home, the advantages and limitations of DeskView are obvious. DeskView isn’t going to hold a monitor arm, desktop PC, speakers, and/or the rest of your setup, but its footprint is negligible.

Ergonomically, the DeskView can only be as good as a laptop. There’s no height that’s going to put the middle of your screen at eye level and be ideal for typing and mousing, but while the extreme dangers of sitting have probably been overblown, standing certainly (probably) can’t hurt. Putting your laptop on a stand on top of the DeskView with your peripherals underneath would also help, and in fact DeskView has their own stand up for preorder.

For fair-weather desk users, those short on space, laptop-only workers, and anyone who likes looking out the window, DeskView is an easy recommendation. It comes in three styles, though clear is obviously the best one, and includes a risk-free 30-day trial and a lifetime warranty on the suction cups.