Wait, Rivers Cuomo Got Violently Attacked by an Electric Eel in 2012?

Also, Weezer are going on a big stadium tour with Green Day and Fall Out Boy next summer.
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Yesterday, alt-rock behemoths Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer announced that they'll be hitting the road together on what they call the Hella Mega Tour. It's sponsored by Harley Davidson, and will run throughout summer 2020 at various sports arenas and major league baseball fields. Buckle up to watch Weezer semi-ironically cover Toto and Billie Joe Armstrong rant about staying punk, all as your hair grays by the second.


Billboard ran a story explaining just how these three acts teamed up for what they're hyperbolically referring to as "the Biggest Rock Event of 2020." While the answer is a mix of the fact that they all share the same management company and have similar fan demographics, there's one tidbit of information from the piece that has nothing to do with the upcoming tour, but is especially jaw-dropping: In 2012, during the Weezer Cruise, Rivers Cuomo got shocked by an electric eel. And he still has the scar!

That one-sentence blurb is, surprisingly, all the Billboard article really says about the whole ordeal. It's a detail buried among a couple paragraphs of blurry-eyed nostalgia about how rowdy early Green Day shows were, touching on that one time bassist Mike Dirnt had a tooth knocked out by an overeager security guard at Woodstock '94, as well as a revisitation of the groups' combined success, which includes seven No. 1s on the Billboard 200 and 15 No. 1s on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart. But how can there be so little intrigue surrounding the fact that the Weezer frontman quite had what sounds like a near-death experience with a dangerous sea creature? VICE has reached out to Weezer's representatives for the full electric eel story, and will update this article with more information about the incident if they respond.

All three acts on the Hella Mega Tour have new releases on the horizon. On November 15, Fall Out Boy are putting out their second greatest hits compilation, Greatest Hits: Believers Never Die–Volume Two, while Green Day have their forthcoming thirteenth studio album Father of All… dropping February 7, 2020. Meanwhile, Weezer's Van Weezer, which promises to return to the guitar theatrics of the Blue Album, is “tentatively slated” for May 15, 2020.

Cool, but we want to know more about Rivers' animal attack. So watch the video for MGMT's 2007 hit "Electric Feel" below because, to reiterate, Rivers Cuomo got shocked by an electric eel on the Weezer Cruise in 2012.