Trump Promised Not to Play Prince's Music at a Rally and Then Did It Anyway

Crowds were greeted with "Purple Rain" at a rally in Prince's home city of Minneapolis.
Getty Images / Kevin Winter

Last October, Prince's estate formally requested that President Trump stop playing the late singer's music at campaign events, and his campaign team reportedly responded with a letter saying they'd honor the request.

But at Thursday night's Trump rally in Prince's home city of Minneapolis, crowds were greeted with "Purple Rain" anyway. Prince's estate quickly called the president out Thursday night, tweeting a copy of the campaign's letter from last year agreeing that it wouldn't play his music "to avoid any future dispute."

Prince's estate joins a long list of performers that have demanded Trump stop playing their music at his rallies, including Adele, Elton John, and the Rolling Stones. Some, like Rihanna and Pharrell, have even sent the White House cease-and-desist letters. But the campaign has a track record of going against the wishes of artists who want to cut ties.

The Rolling Stones have famously issued multiple statements asking Trump to stop playing their music, but he practically made a theme song out of ending rallies with their ironically-titled, "You Can't Always Get What You Want." Aerosmith's Steven Tyler learned the same lesson last year, sending Trump a cease-and-desist letter after his campaign ignored his previous requests to stop playing his music. Now, it seems Prince's estate is waking up to the same reality.

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