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A Tiny Game About Lost Memories

'Shrine for the gods of lost things' is a potent, pint-sized meditation on memory.
All images courtesy Adam Le Doux

Adam Le Doux's latest bitsy game is a lovely, spare exercise in restraint. Drawn in two shades of dusty rose, evoking a windswept island, home to a shrine to lost memories, it's short, like many games made in the toolset (which Le Deaux works on), but leaves an impact.

But what I really want to talk about is how artful the game is, within such strict limitations.

The protagonist has long hair. The way you know this island is windswept is by the delicate, simple animation by which their hair flaps in the wind as they walk. It's such a tiny detail, but it speaks volumes about this world, the emotions it plays upon, and the themes it confronts, head-on.

You can play Shrine for the gods of lost things on its page.