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Jon Vinyl's "Life" Is Beautiful Exhaustion, Kind of Like Living Itself

The Toronto singer gets deep on his new song. Very deep.
Photo courtesy of the artist

Existence: it's pretty tiring! Even being relaxed can get you down, so really there's no win-win in this scenario. Toronto's Jon Vinyl is a new face, but he gets this feeling, what with his biggest song being a gemlike electronic R&B creation literally named "Nostalgia." He's chosen to make the ennui about not having enough time into something graceful on his new song "Life." Yes, it is just called "Life," like the game, but it deserves that all-encompassing name.


"I need a break from life," Jon Vinyl croons over a crisp, organic soul backing. His wishes aren't that out of the ordinary—some time to figure himself out is chief among them—but the boiling guitar solo that takes over from his smooth voice partway through says all the angst that he isn't. Stream "Life" below.