This Special Gamer Chair Will Cool Your Sweaty Ass

For between $350 and $500, Thermaltake will sell you a chair with built in fans in the seat.
Image: Thermaltake

Gaming is hot, sweaty, uncomfortable work. Work that’s only going to get hotter as temperatures rise in our new Anthropocene era and every summer is more punishing than the last. If you game and you have an ass, you might have found yourself wishing for some cool relief in that particular region.

Enter Thermaltake's X Comfort Air, the world’s first air conditioned gaming chair. As first reported by PCGamer, for between $350 and $500, Thermaltake will sell you a chair with fans—much like the kind that keep gaming PCs cool—built into the seat.

The hot ass of the professional gamer can now luxuriate in comfort during the sweltering meltdown of our planet thanks to the X Comfort Air. The chair, “directs streamlined airflow through the seat base via aerodynamic compression,” and “the use of a breathable mesh under the PVC leather with enhanced ventilation holes improves cooling performance and reduces noise and vibration effects,” according to a Thermaltake press release.

“Use of a special five-fan blade design based on automotive industry tech allows the four built-in cooling fans to generate even greater volumes of air for improved airflow and speed,” Thermaltake explained. “The use of high-quality components in the fan blade design provides a whopping 75,000-hour lifespan, which is double than that of industry standard and provides utmost performance and reliability.”

Yes, gamers who want to keep their butts cool can purchase a chair and swivel atop its four, leather-coated fan blades like mighty kings.