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The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Bereaved military father says Trump promised $25,000 over the phone, Spain set to take control of Catalonia, Facebook official to give public testimony on Russia, and more.

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US News

Bereaved Military Father Says Trump Promised Him $25,000 Over the Phone
Chris Baldridge said the president pledged to give him the sum during a phone call made a few weeks after his son, Army Sergeant Dillon Baldridge, was killed in Afghanistan in June. Baldridge said he was disappointed when no check arrived with a letter of condolence. "The check has been sent," claimed the White House's deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters.—The Washington Post

US Still Going After Undocumented Woman's Right to Choose
Federal judge Tanya Chutkan said the government could not prevent a 17-year-old immigrant currently in custody in Texas from having an abortion. The feds had been obstructing her rights, the court found, though the Trump administration lodged an appeal in the bizarre case.—VICE News


Facebook Official to Give Public Testimony on Russia
The social media giant's general counsel Colin Stretch will provide evidence to congressional intelligence committees on Russian use of Facebook during the US election campaign. The November 1 appearance will be the first time a company representative has spoken at a public, televised hearing on the matter.—NBC News

Majority of Americans Fear North Korea Over Rest of World, Poll Says
The latest NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll shows 54 percent of adults view North Korea as the biggest current threat to the US abroad, up from 41 percent in July. But an even greater majority of Americans—64 percent—would rather see the Trump administration negotiate with Kim Jong-un's regime, compared to the 32 percent who lean in favor of military action.—NBC News

International News

Spain Vows to Take Control of Catalonia
The Spanish government said it would trigger Article 155 of the nation's constitution to take control of Catalonia after the region refused to give up independence as policy. A group of lawmakers plan to draft a set of measures that would "restore the constitutional order" in the country. Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont previously threatened to declare independence if Spain remained unwilling to talk.—VICE News

Russian TV Star Running Against Putin
Ksenia Sobchak has announced her intention to take on President Vladimir Putin in next year's presidential election. The former reality TV presenter, who recently turned to journalism, said she would be the "against all" contender. She pledged to stand aside for opposition figurehead Alexei Navalny if he is allowed to run.—The Guardian


At Least 43 Killed in Attack on Afghan Army Base
The Taliban has claimed responsibility for a deadly assault on a military camp in Kandahar Province. At least 43 of the camp's 60 soldiers were killed, and another nine were injured. Suicide bombers blew up two vehicles at the base before gunmen moved in. At least nine militants were reportedly killed in the fighting.—Al Jazeera

New Zealand Gets New Prime Minister
Jacinda Ardern has become the country's third female leader after the New Zealand First Party agreed to form a coalition with Ardern's Labour Party. New Zealand's first leader, Winston Peters, said he decided to back 37-year-old Ardern and Labour over the conservative National Party because "capitalism must regain its human face."—The Sydney Morning Herald

Everything Else

Kevin Smith to Give Away Weinstein-Related Residuals
The Clerks director said he would donate royalties from films produced by Harvey Weinstein to the nonprofit Women in Film. Following the allegations of sexual assault, Smith said he felt his career was now "wrapped up in something really fucking horrible."—ABC News

Trudeau Leads Tributes to Gord Downie
The Tragically Hip singer died at the age of 53 after battling brain cancer, the legendary Canadian band announced Wednesday. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a friend of Downie's, said, "We are less as a country without Gord Downie in it."—CBC News

Chelsea Handler to Quit Show for Activism
The comedian has revealed season two of her Netflix talk show Chelsea will be her last because she wants to participate in political debate "in a more meaningful way." Handler said she would "campaign for candidates who are fighting for women's rights."—Deadline

'Broad City' Star Dismissed Staffers for Sexual Misconduct
Ilana Glazer said she had been forced to fire "a couple dudes" from the show for sexual harassment. The actress and co-creator said the problem "seems to be a constant, but having the opportunity to do something about it is rare."—i-D

Michigan College Offers Degree in Weed
Northern Michigan University will run the country's first four-year marijuana program. Some of the degree will focus on business, some on biology, but students will not actually touch the drug—recreational use is still illegal in the state.—VICE

Next Level AI Becomes Play Go Champion
The Alphabet subsidiary DeepMind has generated artificial intelligence that taught itself to play Go without any instruction and then easily defeated the current AI champion. The new AlphaGo Zero has been created to imitate the human brain.—Motherboard