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Legendary Record Producer Tony Cohen Has Died

The Australian music industry is mourning the celebrated producer who has worked with Nick Cave, Kim Salmon and The Bad Seeds.

Legendary Australian music producer and sound engineer Tony Cohen has died at age 60.

Cohen recorded and mixed albums for the likes of The Birthday Party and Nick Cave, The Bad Seeds, and The Go-Betweens. He won the 1994 ARIA Producer of the Year for The Cruel Sea's album, The Honeymoon Is Over and in 1995 was awarded Producer of the Year and Engineer of the Year.

Tony's brother Martin announced his passing in a Facebook post yesterday: "Just arrived home to learn that my only sibling, my older brother Tony Cohen, passed away peacefully in Dandenong Hospital this afternoon. He turned 60 in June this year.


"Tony was a legend of Australian music shaping the industry and many of the best artists to come out of Australia including Nick Cave and the Cruel Sea," he wrote.

Tributes to the producer have appeared on social media with Ex-Birthday Party drummer Phil Calvert posting: "I hope there is a giant console in heaven with all the outboard gear he could ever wish for. Maybe the big cheque is there too? See ya later, 'Tone Control'.

Here is one of our favourite songs produced by Cohen. The great "Psycho" from the Beats of Bourbon. RIP Tony Cohen.