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How This Summer's Fiery and Aggressive Mars Retrograde Will Affect Your Sign

The warrior planet is retrograde from June 26 to August 27, stirring up action and leaving us all more prone to irritability.
Angry Mars art by Leila Ettachfini

Fiery Mars is the warrior of the zodiac: Its function is to get shit done—cut cords when necessary and conquer the rest. Fearless Mars plows through the zodiac, running through all 12 signs in about two years—but, also about every two years, the bona fide "top" of the zodiac goes totally limp and moves backwards. Dry, chapped, and thirsty, retrograde Mars needs to rest, recharge, and rethink strategies. Like most of us when we're feeling ineffective and wimpy, Mars' retrograde period makes us angry, irritated, and acting like we've got something to prove.


Currently Mars is drilling away in inventive, electric air sign Aquarius, but the planet's batteries will need to be recharged during its retrograde from June 26 to August 27. All retrogrades are a time to rest and review—to take a break and work on issues that we've let languish on the back-burner. During Mars retrograde, we'll have to reflect on our goals and concepts like anger and competition—and how these things affect our assertiveness and energy levels.

Mars in Aquarius values team work and intellectual prowess, but it's also highly competitive and impulsive. During this retrograde, these themes around aggression and action will feel magnified. Find out what that means for your sign, below:


Mars is your ruling planet, so its retrograde is an especially annoying time for you, Aries. You have beginner's luck, so impulsivity comes naturally to you—but now is not the time to act impetuously. Communities you were excited to be involved with may now feel uninspiring. You're feeling more irritable than usual, and figuring out which friendships you value is key to getting out of that rut. When Mars retrograde ends, you'll emerge with a better idea of which communities and causes you truly want to take on.


As much as I make fun of you for being lazy and couch-locked, Taurus, you're actually a very hard worker when you put your mind to something. This Mars retrograde in Aquarius will find you rethinking your professional goals and possibly needing a break from work. You're reconsidering who you look up to and why. Issues with your parents may come to the surface, too. You'll find it easy to get ticked off this season, especially when it comes to your public life, so be sure to take some space. When Mars retrograde ends, you'll have a better idea of how you want to move forward in your career.


You're a logical person, Gemini, but this Mars retrograde, you'll find that not all of your stances were based on fact, but on your beliefs—beliefs that are now coming into question. Don't be afraid to tap into your spiritual side during this retrograde—meditation will help, considering how stressful the vibe will be. A vacation is a good idea, too, but watch out for flight delays because travel may be difficult for you this season. When Mars retrograde ends, you'll emerge with a better understanding of what you believe in, and what you're excited to learn more about.



Though Aquarius is known as a chill and logical, Mars' retrograde through this sign won't be easy or clear cut for you. In fact, it's going to kick up a lot of heavy emotions. It will feel especially difficult for you to cut ties—but there are some that are absolutely crucial for you to cut right now. Take your time if need be, and don't be too hard on yourself. Financial issues like debts and taxes are also highlighted during this period. By the end of Mars retrograde, you'll have worked through many complicated issues that have felt trapped in limbo.


Because life is always so dramatic for you, Leo, you can expect this Mars retrograde in your opposite sign Aquarius to be the same: A former flame (or past nemesis!) may reenter the scene! Mars loves to argue and is usually pretty good at it, but when does fighting accomplish anything during Mars retrograde? I guess you'll learn this summer, Leo, as Mars retrograde works through the sector of your chart that rules relationships. By the end of Mars retrograde, you'll feel clear on what you want in your partnerships.


Your schedule is very important to you, Virgo, and you don’t like anyone fucking with your methods, your time, or your work. You have things to do! Mars in Aquarius is typically a fab time for you to come up with brilliant life hacks to make your day-to-day easier, but things aren't so easy as Mars moves backwards—expect to face some obstacles at work. Be extra mindful about your health, and don't pick up a bad habit out of stress! When Mars retrograde ends, you'll emerge with a better idea of what you want your daily schedule to look like, and how much work you can really take on.


Mars loves to fight, and you do not. Even though you're conflict averse, Mars in Aquarius (an intellectual air sign like you!) taps into the well-known fact that Libras are fantastic and debating and make fabulous lawyers. However, debating isn't your ideal date activity! During Mars retrograde, you'll find that the easy, romantic summer energy has been replaced by an intense, huffy, and aggressive energy. And if you're not dating, creative inspiration feels hard to find and having fun just seems difficult—energy is very low! When Mars retrograde ends, you'll emerge with new ways to express yourself creatively and a new perspective on dating.


As the most mysterious sign of the zodiac, privacy is majorly important to you, Scorpio. Your home life will be shaken up during this Mars retrograde: If you're moving or renovating, do your best to keep your cool, get extra help if you can, and try to keep everyone hydrated and in good spirits. Mars retrograde in Aquarius can make teamwork a struggle! Issues at home and with your family are also heated this season. When Mars retrograde ends, you'll have a greater appreciation for your home and a stronger sense of boundaries.

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Your big mouth often gets you in trouble, Sagittarius, and this Mars retrograde in Aquarius is no exception. Arguments with everyone from your sister to your supermarket clerk will leave you agitated. Know-it-alls will be especially grating to you—and be careful not to become one of those yourself! (I know that's hard for you, Sag, since you are so darn smart.) When Mars retrograde ends, you'll have learned a lot about communication!


Mars rules war and Aquarius is logical; and you, dear Capricorn, admire strategy like no other. Typically, Mars in Aquarius finds you working toward acquiring wealth or fixing your budget, but because the planet is retrograde, you'll find this time to be much more irritating and stressful than usual. You're typically good at keeping track of your money, but you might find yourself cursing at the ATM this summer. When Mars retrograde ends, you'll have a better grasp on budgeting, and self-worth issues will also be hammered out.


Mars will be retrograde in your sign this summer, Aquarius! Usually, you feel energized when Mars is in your sign, but you're feeling tired as the planet moves backwards. People are also reacting to you strongly, finding you aggressive and overwhelming—be mindful about how you express your anger. When Mars retrograde ends, you'll emerge with a deeper understanding of how to work with Mars' fiery energy, how to express your anger in healthy ways, and how to get what you want.


You’re going to work through a lot of repressed anger this summer, Pisces! Getting enough sleep is going to be rough, so make sure you find ways to keep your bedroom cool and relaxing. Invest in an AC if you can and keep a lepidolite stone in your bed. As a Pisces, it's important to you to keep things moving and not waste your energy on dumb arguments, but all the bad feelings you've stuffed away will surface—this summer, you've got to work these issues out. When Mars retrograde ends, you'll have learned how your own anger can be your biggest adversary.